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Marketing Strategy

Insurance professionals focus by product line. Most industry resources are general and contain information that is extraneous or not of interest to potential users who concentrate their time and effort by insurance specialty.

A principal observation is the immense amount of content available today is not being delivered efficiently in a format that is useful to the specific product line goals and needs of the underwriter, claims specialist, insurance broker and risk manager.

Cyber Insurance News

Cyber Insurance News™ provides daily and weekly cyber insurance and network security industry news. It is a comprehensive source of information and services including a) industry directory, b) insurance policy, coverage and claim issues, and c) cyber attacks and data breaches, d) and information, announcements and articles relevant to the cyber risk insurance and security community.

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MUST READING: Our information, services and programs are marketed to over 500,000 businesses, 200,000 risk managers and chief information officers, and over 50,000 insurance producers and insurance professionals! Our briefings provide busy people with one, two sentence “Twitter” style summaries with access to full articles and further information.

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IDL intends to develop similar programs for professional liability by particular type of service, construction, small business, retail, education, healthcare, energy and utilities, management liability (directors and officers liability, fiduciary liability and employment practices liability insurances), international, etc.

Relevant Content and Networking

IDL is the publisher of Cyber Insurance News. Cyber Insurance News provides:

  • Current News: Daily and weekly news and information about cyber insurance; product changes; announcements; regulatory issues; articles and white papers; surveys; synopsis of claims and legal information; and hacker attacks and data breaches.
  • Subscription: No subscription cost to users with full access to member directory, news and product/services.
  • Market Research Surveys: A monthly cyber risk and insurance survey on timely topics is conducted and promoted in national media.
  • Find and Be Found: Cyber Insurance Directory premium members receive a custom “Landing or Profile Page” with background, product description and contacts enabling users to conduct a “one place” search for insurance programs, product/services, individuals and member companies.
  • Services: Services and resources include Ask an Expert, Panel Groups, People to Know, Cyber Roundtable, Member Forum, “Highly Recommended” Broker designation, Company Videos, Cyber Risk Monthly Magazine and more.
  • Continuous Education: Cyber Insurance News is focused on continuous and continuing education. Each week Cyber Insurance News publishes Cyber Insurance Question of the Week and also a short quiz based on news and information from the following week. Badges are awarded for successful completion of the quiz. Go to Cyber Insurance Quiz
  • Insurance Policy Metrics: Insurance Policy Metrics (IPM) provides an independent cyber insurance policy rating based on coverage, claim payment and premium from an evaluation of over 25 different types of cyber attacks of an insured’s industry, size and location. IPM is patent pending.
  • Toolkit: Cyber Insurance News offers its retail agents and brokers material to assist in marketing of cyber insurance including co-branded webinars and videos, power point presentations, Infograms, proprietary surveys, market intelligence reports and more.
  • Conferences: Cyber Attack Strategy and Tactics™ is a six part comprehensive breakfast morning conference and workshop for different industries including law firms, healthcare, small business, public entities, construction, etc. with live video streaming to local cities. Each industry specific conference agenda includes simulated hacker attacks; security and technology; cyber war game; financial consequences of a cyber attack; legal, regulatory and claim issues; incident response; insurance protection; and collaboration. Invitations are sent by the insurance industry to clients.